Campinas, São Paulo


Master of Education, Director, Teacher

School or Organization:

Escola Legal

I am a:

teacher, tech director, administrator

Languages spoken:

English, Portuguese, Spanish



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Short bio or reason for joining Actionable Innovations Global:

How does that go again? "You can only connect the dots if you look back"? Having myself wandered through so many different areas, I guess Steve Jobs was right! But IMHO, it will make real sense if you find a purpose in life that's bigger than yourself. It only makes real sense if you are in for a hell of a ride. And now, when I think about the tragedies the Ukrainian families have been going through, my multifaceted background makes more sense than ever: * Psych major in the USA (Adams State University), Psychotherapist in Brazil (USP), Master in Educational Psychology at UNICAMP, Startup Director for 7 years - creating and launching different products, including a ARG game which was played in 13 Brazilian states. I also gave workshops and courses about Blended/Online, Game-based and Connected learning in different states. Nowadays I am a Elementary/Middle School teacher (1st to 9th grade). I also teach Coding, Entrepreneurship and children in a little school that I am starting. I am really motivated to help. I believe I can contribute in so many ways! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Global education projects or initiatives in which you are involved (if applicable):

- Created and produced a National Educational Online Ginkana which involved educators in Brazil, but ended up having teachers from Angola, Portugal and Moçambique. - Created and produced an online real time ARG game in which children from 13 Brazilian states learned Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This project won a Creative Economy Prize, it's better described in my Linkedin profile. - Created and produced a national hackathon (Hackanoel) which promoted the creation of innovative toys to be given to children in a fragile financial situation.