Partnership Opportunities

Actionable Innovations Global depends on the generosity of organizations that believe in the power of global education innovation. Your support will help subsidize affordable virtual professional development opportunities for educators and will empower many professionals and students with the opportunity to authentically share their work and expertise with other professionals from around the world.

Our collaborative partnership program is designed to raise awareness and increase the visibility of participating schools, programs, and companies within our community of nearly 29,000 educators. In addition, our events provide a unique forum for organizations to connect with educators and other organizations for networking.

For the 2022 GLOW Conference, here is our basic partnership structure:

  • All non-profits are invited to give a complimentary 20-minute presentation at the conference. 
  • Non-profit organizations who seek to present a general session of 50 minutes at our conference can support the event as a non-profit partner. Partner organizations can give both a 20-minute presentation and a 50-minute presentation as part of our partnership program. 
  • Companies seeking to participate can support as corporate partners and receive benefits as well. We are also open to in-kind donations. 
  • Schools with the means to support our work are invited to participate as school partners.

For further details, consult our conference overview.

To present as an individual at the GLOW Conference, use this form.

To present a 20-minute complimentary non-profit presentation, use this form

To join our partner program and present as a featured school, non-profit, or company, use this form.

Actionable Innovations Global operates as a non-profit under a fiscal sponsorship agreement with Global Youth Action Network. Actionable Innovations is a separate for-profit consulting organization. 

About Our Community

Top 10 Countries Represented: United States, Canada, Australia, India, United Kingdom, Mexico, Pakistan, Argentina, Colombia, and Spain. 55% of our membership hail from the United State

Events to date:  16

Community Membership: 28,645

Self-reported roles: 

  • Administrators: 2650
  • Teachers: 11,929
  • Library/Media Specialists: 1118
  • Tech Coordinators: 2056
  • Tech Directors: 814
  • College/University Staff: 1434
  • College/University Professors: 2618
  • Consultants: 2835
  • Entrepreneurs: 573
  • For-Profit Employees: 740
  • Non-Profit Employees: 2119