Global Learning for an Open World: Developing Connections, Competencies, and Creativity




Formerly known as the Global Education Conference, the GLOW Conference focuses on developing global competencies, increasing opportunities for cross-border collaboration (nationally and internationally), preparing learners for active global citizenship, and ensuring educational equity and opportunity for all. 

This global education event will take place virtually November 18-19, 2022 on the Hopin platform.

The conference goals are to: 

  1. To convene a vibrant global community of educational practitioners at all levels interested in experiential learning and the development of global competencies;

  2. To provide educators with accessible, high-quality professional learning experiences and inspire creative educational innovation;

  3. To showcase engaging, innovative practices in experiential and global learning and to highlight practical, actionable methods for implementing these educational approaches with learners;

  4. To provide a forum for discussion of methods, goals, and learning theories related to experiential and global learning and to open opportunities for collaborative research and exploration of emerging methods, goals, and learning theories;

  5. To connect educators and schools with forward-thinking colleagues and organizations for ongoing support and collaboration.

The basic conference will be free to attend, and we encourage everyone interested in experiential and global learning to submit a proposal, including first-time presenters.