Global Learning for an Open World: Shaping the Future of Educational Innovation and Sustainability





A digital conference with real-world impact…

Why Participate?

Our conference seeks to:

  • Bring together a dynamic global assembly of education enthusiasts across all levels interested in innovative educational practices and sustainability education, thus forging a vibrant international community.
  • Deliver accessible, top-tier professional learning experiences that fuel creativity and foster collaborative educational innovation among educators.
  • Exhibit best practices in experiential and global learning. We aim to provide practical, action-driven methodologies that educators can readily implement with their learners.
  • Offer an engaging platform for open dialogue on methodologies, goals, and learning theories related to experiential and global learning. We hope to foster opportunities for collaborative research and exploration of pioneering methods, goals, and learning theories.
  • Connect educators and educational institutions with forward-thinking peers and organizations, creating a robust network for continuous support, collaboration, and shared growth.


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