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I posted this on my blog and on Classroom2.0, and thought I would share it as a discussion here as well. What do you do in your digital classroom to promote Social Responsibility/World Issues? - - - - -

Here is a great thing to do with your online students: Donate Free Rice to help end world hunger... (and improve their vocabulary while you are at it!)

Free Rice Screenshot (Main Page)

Here is a news article about it, in case you would like to use it for current events.

Free Rice Screenshot sycophant

Advertising at the bottom of the screen changes with every question to promote the companies that donate the rice.

Level 50 is all but impossible to get to without a dictionary, which I encourage... After all, what is the harm in having students looking up words in the dictionary? This is also a good time to introduce using Google as a dictionary.

Google as Dictionary

- - - - -

On a similar (Social Responsibility) topic, check this out:

"Make Your Difference is a contest to empower youth to impact the world through creating a new possibility in their school, community, city and beyond into positively impacting the world."

- - - - -

We really can make a difference, especially if we help our students recognize that they can make a difference!

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  • Co-Chair
    I donated 500 grains of rice the other day and my vocab is at level 35... at least before I gave up. :) Thanks for posting this.
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