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My thesis research project is in full swing and my students have been working hard. They are connecting/collaborating with a class in Bucaramanga, Colombia;South America. We have been podcasting, using wiki's, and just started a blog (at the suggestion of my students). Please feel free to check it out at and

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  • Kim, I have looked up different schools to collaborate with through e-pals (, which allows you to search for schools in differnet areas of the world. Teachers are able to create postings with information about their school and the types of projects that they would like to be involved in. I am currently trying to look for a school in Venezuela to collaborate with. Good luck with your search!
  • Hi Cheryl,
    My high schools students are collaborating with others on
    You are welcome to join them or a younger age group at

    Have a great 2008!
    Nellie Deutsch
  • Very nice - we are also involved in a collaborative over at

    I would like to be able to reference your project for the teachers involved in mine - is that ok?
    • Sharon That would be fine for you to reference the project. I t seems to have taken on a life of its own and the students on both ends are having a great time. I am in the process of collecting final data for thesis but my kids would be crushed if I said, "OK my thesis is finished so we'll stop connecting." The students themselves are making the plans on how to continue and what to podcast on.
      • Thank you so much. Isn't it exciting to see this type of collaboration with the younger set. Perhaps we are on the way to assisting in "world peace". Take care,
  • Can I ask how you found your South American school to collaborate with. I am interested in doing a collaborative project, but am having difficulties finding a partner school. Thanks
    • My professor was the director of the school's professor several years ago. My prof has gone down to Colombia to do present PD training for the teachers. We are both traveling to Colombia in March to visit the school.
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