Hey all, we will be having our annual Comparsas here at the Carol Morgan School in the Dominican Republic on Feb 26th, 2008. The is the culminating event of Febuary-Dominican month where we celebrate Dominican history, culture, etc. The Comparsas are traditional Dominican dances performed by students in all grades of our elementary school. I would like to broadcast the event(s) to any school that has video conferencing capabilities. I would only need to know your schools IP address for your video conferencing equipment and then I can dial you up during the festivities and you can have a live show. We are one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time (New York). Let me know if you are interested or pass this on to any/everyone in your network. Cheers, Jeff

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  • Hello Jeff, I'm sorry I missed your Comparsas it sounded like fun. I am a librarian at a K-1 primary school in New York, USA. I was wondering if you would have some K-2 classes that might be interested in working with us on a global project. I am putting it together for my educational technology class that I am taking. My group is planning on having our students share their lives with other students in other countries through web 2.0 tools. Would you be interested in working with us? You can e-mail me at tjpolis@gmail.com. Thanks.
    Teri Polis
    Cold Spring Harbor
    New York, USA
  • Hi Jeff
    This sounds really interesting. I teach a college course 9:45-12:45 on Tuesdays. The course revolves around the process of developing an art exhibition and sharing the content of the show with a k-12 audience. Each year the students choose a topic that the art work in the show explores. This year we are exploring "boundaries and borders". Basically, we are looking at all kinds of things that lie on a physical, conceptual or symbolic boundary lines. We have talked about the idea of cultural shifting and mixing, especially as it applies to the latinization of North America, north of Mexico and the Caribbean. My hope is to have my students design a lesson (3 lessons making up a gallery education experience). I wonder of there might be a way to join kids in the DR with my college students and a k-12 group here. We could then cross boundaries of space and culture through technology. What do you think?? Regards,
  • Hi Jeff, guess there is no chance of using skype is there. our videoconferencing facilities have now been dismantled, so we use skype and IWBs or is there another alternative?
  • We are a beginning Spanish class in Southampton, NY and we would like to be a part of this videoconfernce or perhaps another videoconference with a school in the DR.


    Susan MacDonald
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