Cyber Fair 5/28/2008

We are looking for other 5th grades that want to participate "virtually" in our school's 2nd Annual Cyber Fair, scheduled for 5/28/2008, 8:00-10:30 PST. We are especially interested in schools that can video conference using iChat and that are located outside of the USA (although all inquiries are welcomed!) We are especially interested in spanish-speaking schools, as our Spanish program is growing rapidly in all grades at Bel Aire. Our 5th graders are completing a 1:1 laptop Certification Program, and have experience using a wide variety of programs: iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, iWeb for blogging, GarageBand, iStopMotion, Kidspiration, KidPix, Inspiration, Adobe Photo Elements, PhotoBooth, Comic Life, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Keynote, Pages, and Rapidweaver. Digital Blue Microscopes, Lego Robotics, scanners, digital cameras, camcorders, Smart Boards, MIDI keyboards and USB temperature probes are among the peripherals with which they have been able to experiment. Reply soon if you are interested and/or could connect us with other iChat teachers and schools.

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