We have a wonderful grade 5 ESL teacher here at ISB who is looking for grade 5 ESL students around the world to start a small, manageable blogging and or podcasting project. Class blog is posted here: http://esl5.edublogs.org/ Anyone interested in trying this out?

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  • Dear Kim,

    My name is Jeremy Guerin. I am a Canadian ESL teacher working for the Korean government on the island of Jeju-Do. At the current time, I am teaching one low level elementary class and one low level middle school class. While the former would clearly be unsuitable, I am wondering if the latter might be something we could talk about. I am currently completing a Master's of Education from the University of Southern Queensland, and my current course is titled Computer Based Resources in Education. I will admit up front that my level of technological awareness and proficiency is low, but I am trying to compensate with a high level of enthusiasm.

    I quickly perused your class blog, and I must say that I was greatly impressed. You have done a fine job with the overall layout of your page. However, while your initial posting states that this is an ESL resource, I am curious as to your exact situation and student levels of English proficiency. In my case, the level is quite low, but I believe that the chance to collaborate and interact with students outside of Korea would be a 'cool' project for my students. My current class has fourteen students, in ages ranging from 13 to 15 years old. I realize that they are not fifth graders, but if you are interested in some form of limited collaboration, please contact me via my blog here at The Global Education Collaborative (Jeremy Guerin), my blog at My Village, or at jeremyguerin@hotmail.com.


    Jeremy N. Guerin
    • Excellent! An e-mail is on it's way right now :)
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