Meet digital equity advocate Shawn Gross and find out how you can help displaced Ukrainian students through volunteering and donations on Wednesday, May 4th at 7 PM CDT (GMT-5). Use for time zone conversions if needed.

Actionable Innovations is a professional learning community (formerly known as the Global Education Conference Network) in which participants explore innovation in education. Every week, we meet to discuss trends in education and invite inspiring guests to join us and share their work. Parents, educators, students, and other folks interested in improving teaching and learning are always welcome.

This Wednesday evening in U.S time zones (note that the date and time are different from our previous events), Mr. Gross will discuss the newly formed, Digital Education Emergency Initiative. The Digital Education Emergency Relief Initiative is a multinational collaborative with the mission of providing access to critical education and socio-emotional relief for displaced Ukrainian children as a result of war, political unrest, and natural disasters. Register here to join this important meeting.

DEERI provides these supports to those affected by leveraging technology, tools, and most importantly our volunteers. This team then is comprised of ALL volunteers that work in education, human services, healthcare, philanthropy, and technology. Mr. Gross will discuss the initiative and organizational needs related to hardware, software, and volunteers.

Shawn Gross is a Digital Equity advocate supporting school systems, non-profits, and NGOs both globally and domestically. Read more about his work here.

This is a last-minute addition to our Actionable Innovations Conversations series and is time-sensitive as Shawn is due to depart with his team for Poland on May 14th. Hope you can make it!


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