Your Name and Title: Peter Gilmartin, Program Director at Primary Source

School or Organization Name: Primary Source

Co-Presenter Name(s): Kara Roth, Advisor of Hingham High School Global Citizenship Program and Laurie Hodgdon, Masconomet Regional High School Principal

Area of World from Which You Will Present: North America

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience: Secondary school teachers, administrators, librarians, students

Short Session Description (one line): This session will share the practice and theory of global citizenship/competency certificates as a method to increase the reach of global education throughout a secondary school while providing opportunities for some students to obtain a certificate upon completion of certain academic coursework, service activities and travel/cross-cultural goals.

Full Session (as long as you would like):

Global competency/citizenship programs further global education in secondary schools in order to prepare students to thrive in a global world.  Programs vary from school to school in order to reflect local conditions and goals.  In general programs that provide global knowledge to the whole school while also developing avenues for individual learning and collective involvement have the most impact. Through interdisciplinary academic study, learning of a second language, community service, cross-cultural experiences and international travel, programs increase students’ global awareness and knowledge, heighten their appreciation of diversity, and enlarge their capacity to work and contribute in an increasingly interconnected world.

Expectations may include:

  • Demonstrate proficiency and confidence in a second language
  • Attain knowledge of – and show an appreciation for – cultural differences
  • Examine contemporary issues from multiple perspectives
  • Engage in community service with open-mindedness and humility
  • Contribute with energy and spirit to the community of global learners
  • Share expertise and enthusiasm with the broader community
  • Promote global understanding and the peaceful resolution of conflicts
  • Achieve personal growth through reflection
  • Strive to realize their full potential to lead as global citizens
  • Compile a portfolio
  • Design and complete a culminating project

By sharing some of the lessons from two different but exemplary global citizenship/competency programs, this session will develop the conversation about how such programs can promote global education throughout a school community while also providing opportunities for some students to pursue their passion for further global learning and experience.  We also look forward to hearing about the experiences of others so that as an online community we can all advance the goal of providing students an opportunity to learn about and experience the world.

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