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  • Our next Actionable Innovations Conversation, Global Travel Insights for Educators, will occur on Wednesday, September 27th. We’ll discuss travel opportunities for educators with Jesse Weisz of GEEO Teacher Travel Programs. NYC educators Don Buckley and Karen Blumberg will also join us to discuss their recent adventures in India and Bhutan. Register for this free webinar today!
  • The Global Learning for an Open World (GLOW) Conference is taking place November 13–14. Reserve your spot now and consider submitting a proposal sooner rather than later! We also encourage schools, non-profits, and companies to support the conference. Details here.

Recent Events

Schools for Sustainable Development Goals

Dr. Julene Reed interviewed Manoj Gautam, founder of Schools for Sustainable Development Goals in July.

Education and student engagement in sustainable development goals are crucial for addressing global challenges and creating a more sustainable future.

🌍 Manoj Gautam, founder of Schools for Sustainable Development Goals (, discusses his work as a conservationist and his collaboration with Dr. Jane Goodall on animal welfare and child labor, highlighting the importance of educators understanding and guiding students in using artificial intelligence responsibly.
📚 Schools for Sustainable Development Goals offer flexible curriculum-based programs that allow teachers and students to choose their own subjects of interest, interact with local stakeholders, and engage in service learning trips for peer-to-peer learning and community development
🌍 Small steps and community involvement are key in implementing sustainable development goals, and empowering students through education can lead to global impact and meaningful ideas.
🌍 Global education needs to shift towards connecting students to real-world problems, promoting student agency and community involvement, starting locally and expanding globally, in order to create a more sustainable future.
🌍 Start local and focus on simplicity, preserving traditional wisdom, and engaging in cultural exchange, to address global challenges and achieve sustainable development goals in schools.

Neurodiversity in Education: An Interview with Landmark College’s Adam Lalor

Our August webinar featured the Vice President for Neurodiversity Research and Innovation at Landmark College, Dr. Adam Lalor.

Landmark College is a supportive institution that focuses on neurodiversity in education, offering programs, research, and training to improve experiences for individuals with learning disabilities, ADHD, and autism.

📚 Landmark College’s Dr. Adam Lalor discusses programs for students with learning disabilities and research on post-secondary success, while recent graduate Julia explores solutions to improve the learning environment for neurodivergent individuals.
🧠 Landmark College supports neurodiverse learners in education and advocates for their inclusion in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of compassion, empathy, and understanding in embracing neurodiversity.
🎓 Landmark College aims to support students in regaining their sense of self-value and passion for learning, offering various degrees and programs, individualized support, and a curriculum designed around Universal Design for Learning.
🧠 Parents should allow their neurodiverse children to figure things out on their own, educators must build trust with neurodivergent students, Landmark College provides explicit instruction and support for self-advocacy, and the college’s focus on neurodiversity creates a sense of joy and acceptance with the presence of role models.
🎓 Landmark College is a leading institution for neurodiverse students, offering research opportunities and support services, and they emphasize the importance of planning, utilizing resources, and finding community support for success in college education.

GLOW Preview: Participate in Our Online Global Education Conference

Our recent overview provided information on how educators and organizations can get involved with the Global Learning for an Open World conference.

🌍 The conference aims to bring people from all over the world together to promote innovative teaching and learning in a global context.
 📅 Submit your proposal by November 1st to participate in the online global education conference.
🌍 Make your session descriptions detailed and specific, use interactive tools, and provide actionable advice in your proposal for this online global education conference.
🌍 GLOW aims to provide a strong networking platform for professionals to expand their horizons and connect with like-minded individuals who can contribute to their work and benefit their students.
😊 The volunteers at the online global education conference are highly valued and play a crucial role in troubleshooting and assisting participants.

Here is a digital flyer about GLOW that you can share with colleagues. (

Community Corner

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