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  • The Digital Education Emergency Relief Initiative is a multinational collaborative with the mission of providing access to critical education and socio-emotional relief for displaced Ukrainian children as a result of war, political unrest and natural disasters. This volunteer-led effort is seeking hardware, software, and support service donations as well as volunteers. Check out their website and join their Facebook group.

  • Note that some of our upcoming Actionable Innovations Conversations meet-ups are taking place on Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings in addition to Friday afternoons in US time zones. See all of our free upcoming events here

  • New on Inspiring Global Actionable Innovations are show notes from our Actionable Innovations Conversations with inspirational entrepreneurs and educators Alefiya Master and Sandee Kastrul as well as a contribution from design thinker Don Buckley on design methods, design mindsets, and design abilities. Subscribe today!

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Actionable Innovations Conversations with Nicole Tucker-Smith
Friday, April 29, 2022 – 1 PM CDT (GMT-5) – REGISTER HERE (free)

Nicole Tucker-Smith will join us to share her work and thoughts on why the debate over school curriculum matters to everyone. Says Tucker-Smith, "Education is facing a crossroads. One path lures us towards wielding the classroom as a weapon for political warfare. The other calls us to hold the classroom as a lever for raising understanding and building bridges across differences.

Truth, dignity, and perspective-taking are not only essential ingredients for learning, without them our students will be starved of the skills they need to step forward in a globalized multicultural economy. When we lack the capacity to view the world through another’s eyes, we cause harm - even with good intentions. I’ve learned this as a teacher and also as a cancer patient."

Nicole Tucker-Smith (, @MsTuckerSmith), founder and CEO of Lessoncast, helps schools implement professional learning initiatives focused on inclusive teaching and equity best practices. 



Actionable Innovations Conversations with Bobbi Kurshan
Monday, May 9th  – 1 PM CDT (GMT-5) – REGISTER HERE (free)

On Monday, May 9th at 8 AM CDT (GMT-5), ed tech expert and author Bobbi Kurshan will discuss her life's work and new book with our professional learning community. Some important findings and key themes from InnovateHERs that will be addressed are:

  • Why entrepreneurial women are poised to be successful leaders in purpose-driven organizations.
  • How the female entrepreneurial mindset drives professional success in purpose-driven organizations.
  • What you can do to develop your entrepreneurial skills and traits to achieve your career goals.

Dr. Barbara (Bobbi) Kurshan has honed her vision of “what can be” using technology while supporting education companies and developing innovative products. She currently serves as a Senior Innovation Advisor at the Graduate School of Education at Penn where she builds and advises education innovation ecosystems.


Actionable Innovations Conversations with Linda Vasu
Friday, May 13th  – 1 PM CDT (GMT-5) – REGISTER HERE (free)

On Friday, May 13, 2022, Don Buckley will interview education leader and curriculum expert Linda Vasu about her innovative teaching methodology and more. Come find out how she integrates computational thinking and more into the curriculum.

Assistant Head of School and Director of Academic Programs and Professional Learning at Sacred Heart Greenwich, Linda is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. She has taught literature and writing at every grade level from second to graduate school in urban and suburban settings and served on the founding leadership teams of three startup schools.


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