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Congratulations to all of our GLOW partners, presenters, and keynote speakers for a successful conference! We appreciate your active participation in this global community event. 

For those of you who missed out on this virtual event, you can still register and watch recorded sessions through January 31, 2023. After that date, sessions will be available for a small fee. Please also continue to explore the resources and programs available from our GLOW partners

Our Actionable Innovations Conversations series is resuming now that GLOW has concluded. On December 9th, join us for a conversation with Jennifer Manise, Executive Director of the Longview Foundation for World Affairs and International Understanding. Our discussion will focus on global competence in teacher education, and Jennifer will be joined by two teacher educators from Longview’s Global Teacher Education Fellowship program, Shea Kerkhoff from the University of Missouri, St. Louis, and Lauren Angelone from Xavier University.

Below are links to our GLOW keynote presentations. We hope that you find these intriguing and that you will connect with the various organizations featured. 

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Global Learning for an Open World (GLOW) Conference Keynotes


Global Competency for a Changing World
Dana Mortenson, the co-founder of World Savvy explored how the larger 'global education' movement needs to evolve to support an inclusive framework all schools can use to create future-ready education.

Regional and Global Education Policy, Research, and Practice Movements That Sow Seeds of Hope
Learn more about recent regional and global policy, research, and practice movements that sow seeds of HOPE in this conversation with GLOW Co-Chair Dr. William Rankin and Liam Wegimont, the Executive Director of the Global Education Network Europe (GENE). Liam shared insights from the recent convening of the European Congress on Global Education to 2050 and the new Declaration on Global Education to 2050.

Imagining a Truly Global Classroom
Shared_Studios founder, Amar Bakshi, presented on Portals and why full-body interaction in a natural environment gets students to focus on human beings rather than technology. Amar is a former journalist who started Shared_Studios in 2014. He also shared practical insights on how to create immersive learning experiences in classrooms around the world and also described how they’re working to create an inexpensive, widespread Portals infrastructure and community.

Helping Students Consume News in a Healthy Way
In a world of negative headlines and misinformation, it's easy to lose track of the effects news can have on your mind. Learn how Goodable is helping teachers bring positive news into classrooms and the incredible effect it can have on students.

Goodable in the Classroom is a weekly collection of uplifting stories, each with a printable classroom worksheet that can be used to guide students through the story and foster discussion. Alex Stewart, head of business development at Goodable, discussed how teachers are using this in their classrooms and what problems this is solving in classrooms across the world. Check out, download Goodable’s app and sign up for their newsletter

Compassionate Networking of Networks Amidst Global Crises
Meet Shane O’Connor from the Charter for Compassion. In his keynote address, Shane discussed ways to work with communities to empower and address their needs using practical, effective, compassionate tools. He also discussed ways to embed and implement compassion into education using the Charter’s Compassionate Education Model, resources, and global network. 

World Learning through the Global Innovation Field Trip
Imagine a world where your students take the lead in innovating solutions, where collaboration raises the level of their work from good to exceptional, and where students are celebrated not for their scores but for their societal impact. The Global Innovation Field Trip is such a place.

Co-Founders Juli Shively and Jake Mendelssohn opened the session and passed the mic to Samyak Shrimali (high school senior from Washington and past GIFT presenter), who welcomed other students from around the world. These amazing students shared their innovation stories and reflected on how the Global Innovation Field Trip has impacted their journeys. 

Building Student-Centered Classrooms that Develop Global Competency
This GLOW closing keynote panel featured World Savvy educators who have shifted their practice to center the development of global competence in their students. In a moderated discussion, these educators shared what works, what hasn’t, and what keeps them committed to this work. This action-oriented session focused on the fundamental shifts and changes that teacher practitioners have engaged with when ensuring that global competence is at the center of learning and teaching.


In our next issue, we will return to sharing general announcements and events from the global education community. If you have something to contribute, post details in our discussion forum, and if appropriate, we’ll share it in our next missive. 

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