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Happy New Year! We are in the midst of planning additional virtual professional learning events for 2023 and will have some exciting announcements in the next few weeks. If you are looking for a team to organize a virtual event for your organization or want to get involved with supporting next year’s GLOW conference, please reach out to me. 

Our group publication, Inspiring Global Actionable Innovations, is accepting submissions. If you would like to contribute on a regular basis, drop me an email.

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GLOW 2022 Conference

This is a reminder that you can still register and watch recorded sessions from the Global Learning for an Open World Conference through January 31, 2023. After that date, general sessions will be available for a small fee. Keynote presentations are available on our YouTube channel.

Please also continue to explore the resources and programs available from our GLOW 2022 partners. These organizations would love to connect with you!


Actionable Innovations Conversations

In December, we hosted our latest Actionable Innovations Conversation with Jennifer Manise, Executive Director of the Longview Foundation for World Affairs and International Understanding, and two teacher educators from Longview’s Global Teacher Education Fellowship program, Shea Kerkhoff of the University of Missouri, St. Louis, and Lauren Angelone of Xavier University. It was an outstanding experience, and we encourage you to review the recording. Many thanks to Jennifer, Shea, and Lauren for sharing their expertise with us. 

We have three exciting Actionable Innovations Conversations planned for January and February. Register today and share information about these free events with colleagues.

Friday, January 13, 2023, at 1 PM CST
Fighting Hate and Harm in Education with Lisa Vahey

Register here for this Actionable Innovations Conversation.

Lisa is a mom, educator, and engaged citizen, and she was distressed when she found out that anti-CRT (critical race theory) bills were being considered in Ohio. She joined with a group of Ohio colleagues, and the Honesty for Ohio Education coalition was formed. This group of concerned citizens and organizations is fighting hate & harm from the State House, State Board of Education, and in local communities as the list of threats grows ("Don't Say Gay," book bans, dismantling SEL supports, and so much more). She has learned so much and has much more to learn. In this session, she'll share three transferable ideas for any educator or community member who also strive to be an advocate and engage with policy work. 

Friday, January 27, 2023, at 1 PM CST
Entrepreneurship in Higher Education with Brian Morello

Register here for this Actionable Innovations Conversation.

Meet Brian Morello, Director of Beloit College's Center for Entrepreneurship (CELEB), and learn about the Center's innovative programs. On January 27, 2023, Don Buckley and Lucy Gray will interview Brian about his work at Beloit College.

The CELEB center is a one-of-a-kind program unparalleled at any other undergraduate school. Housed off-campus in the heart of Beloit's revitalized downtown district, it is an 18,000+ square feet space dedicated to student ventures in music, art, digital media, prototyping, and traditional start-ups. Within CELEB, there is an entrepreneurship lab, public art gallery, recording studio, maker lab, philanthropic foundation, and market research firm. Most of the programs associated with CELEB are student-run. Come learn about how Beloit College is helping students develop practical, real-world skills within the context of a liberal arts institution! 

Friday, February 3, 2023 at 1 PM CST
The Power of Evidence: Documentation and Storytelling in Learning Communities with Aaron Schorn of Unrulr

Register here for this Actionable Innovations Conversation.

Join us on Friday, February 3rd, for an Actionable Innovations Conversation with Aaron Schorn of Unrulr. Aaron will speak to the power of having learners capture their process, reflections, and product creation. How through evidence, programs can build transparency/trust and create greater impact. Aaron will showcase the social learning app Unrulr and speak about other tools and tactics that allow learners to document/share and tell the story of their process, skills growth, and outcomes. This is a conversation about empowering learners of all age groups to go from passive to active in their learning journey.

Aaron is a father, teacher, and learner. Aaron is Head of Growth and Learning at Unrulr, where he works to make learning visible and joyful. He is also a teacher, program director, and co-designer of student-agency-driven learning communities around the globe. His work is focused on apprenticeship, craftsmanship, storytelling, and providing youth with the space, time, resources, and methodologies to turn their ideas into iterative realities. Aaron's professional background includes education, international business, digital storytelling, and operations/management. At the Nalukai Foundation, Aaron creates and implements entrepreneurship schema and curriculum rooted in culture, hustles to find mentors, and waxes poetic on authentic storytelling. Aaron was also the former K-12 Capstone Coordinator at HPA on Hawai'i Island. Read more about his journey in this Getting Smart article.

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