Four Weeks Until Our Free, Virtual Conference

Only four weeks until GLOW! We encourage you to join us for the virtual Global Learning for an Open World conference starting November 18 and running around the clock through November 19. Please register and support the hundreds of educators, organization leaders, and partners generously sharing their ideas and resources with our community. This event is FREE to attend.

If you are interested in presenting, remember that our deadline for proposals is November 1, 2022. We focus on globally connected teaching and learning, experiential learning, and educational innovation. Here is information about submitting a proposal.

Any non-profit organization can present a complimentary, free 20-minute session at the conference. Click here for the proposal form. If you are interested in participating in our partnership program, which entitles non-profits and for-profit organizations to additional benefits, here are details.

Read on for our latest conference update and learn more about our spectacular partners!


  • A new keynote speaker will be announced this week. Meet Marilyn Turkovich, Executive Director of the Charter for Compassion. Marilyn will be presenting early on Saturday, November 19th, in US time zones.
  • Reserve your space at the virtual Global Learning for an Open World Conference today. This free online event will start on November 18th at noon UTC-6 and end 24 hours later on November 19th. Click here to register to attend.
  • The Call for Proposals is open through November 1. Submit your proposal soon!
  • Volunteer moderators are needed! Join our community and volunteer group. This is a great way to get to know members worldwide.
  • Click HERE to tweet about the conference! We appreciate you sharing this information with your networks. Let’s spread the word about this free professional learning experience!


Many thanks to the organizations who have chosen to support Global Learning for an Open World Conference! These groups support globally connected learning and teaching and are excited to connect with educators at the upcoming conference.

Below is useful information about each of our partnering organizations. These groups will have virtual expo booths at the upcoming GLOW conference, and we encourage you to drop by these spaces to learn more. Also, consider following these organizations on Twitter to learn more about their latest news and resources.

  • World Savvy is our premier partner and is a nonprofit organization based in the United States that has been working with educators and community leaders to reimagine learning for the 21st century. In partnership with our schools, World Savvy wants to rekindle a belief in what’s possible and breathe new energy into the idea that education should drive us to think and act in the interests of a wider local and global community and inspire us to leave the world better in a better place. World Savvy also wants to provide a spark of imagination that can ignite student and teacher creativity, passion, and leadership. 

    World Savvy has two upcoming events that may be of interest. It is hosting an open house for Minneapolis-based educators and a workshop at Sonoma State in California. And World Savvy is partnering with Students Rebuild on the Welcoming Refugees Project! K-12 students are invited to create artwork welcoming refugees that reflects culture, community, and connection.

  • MY HERO Project is a GLOW conference partner. For over 25 years, MY HERO has provided hundreds of millions of students access to a safe, commercial-free online venue where they can discover and share essays, art, audio, and films that celebrate positive role models from around the world. Teachers use MY HERO in the classroom and for distance learning to promote values, creativity, self-expression, cross-cultural understanding, and an appreciation of diversity with students of all ages. Through the MY HERO website, digital storytelling tools, teacher training, contests, film festival, and workshops, students understand their ability to follow in the footsteps of heroes and their potential to make positive changes in the world.

    View student-created short films from students and vote on your favorites in this year’s MY HERO International Film Festival. Click here to participate and for the festival teacher’s guide. MY HERO is accepting submissions for 2023. Details here.

  • Empatico is partnering with GLOW and has a new look! Empatico is a free platform that matches and connects K-8 classrooms across the world through live video exchanges using best-in-class meeting tools, supported by a robust content library with communication and community-building tools for educators. Sign up for free! And check out this new piece, Technology for Good Could Save the World, from Empatico’s Executive Director, Ryan Modjeski.

  • Global Nomads Group is also partnering with GLOW. Global Nomads Group’s programs use storytelling to build empathy, dispel stereotypes and bias, and teach the power skills identified by employers as imperative in the 21st century. Our curricula are standards-aligned, culturally responsive, and feature global youth-generated content, allowing youth who typically do not “see” themselves in school curricula to write themselves into our curricula. Focusing on middle and high school students (ages 12–18), its evidence-based programs are highly customizable with flexible implementation options and language development support. Global Nomads is a 501(c)3 organization headquartered in New York City, serving over 3,500 youth annually in over 60 countries worldwide. Check out GNG’s new website: and learn about their unique programs for youth and stories of impact.

  • Another GLOW partner is Digital Promise. Digital Promise is a global nonprofit working to expand opportunities for every learner, and it hosts many programs for students and educators. Register now for Digital Promise’s Ciena Solutions Challenge.

    The Challenge invites educators and students to engage in Challenge Based Learning to design a solution that addresses Sustainable Development Goals. A webinar on this challenge is being held on October 20. Also, EdCamp: YouthMade is taking place on November 5. This Edcamp invites in-school and out-of-school educators to share their experiences and expertise as they discuss ways to support and facilitate youth making, activism, art, and design in education.

  • Meet GLOW partner CFR Education, an initiative within the Council on Foreign Relations that aims to make complex foreign policy and international issues accessible for high school students through its educational products: World101Model Diplomacy, and Convene the Council.

  • TakingITGlobal is partnering with GLOW by sponsoring a student art contest. Open to anyone ages 10–30, prizes will be awarded, and the theme is Dare to Reshape the World. TakingITGlobal is one of the world’s leading networks of young people learning about, engaging with, and working toward tackling global challenges.

  • Fulbright Teacher Exchanges is another GLOW partner. Fulbright Teacher Exchanges are programs of the U.S. Department of State, funded by the U.S. Congress. Through these professional learning programs, elementary and secondary educators in the United States and around the world develop their educational practice and bring global knowledge, skills and perspectives to their schools. Educators forge lasting connections and prepare their students to be future leaders, equipped to work with others around the world to address global challenges.

    Fulbright Teacher Exchanges offers programs for U.S citizens and non-U.S citizens. Explore their programs here. And, check out the plethora of free courses Fulbright Teacher Exchanges offers.

  • Meg Languages is our newest GLOW partner! Meg Languages aims to create a more interconnected, peaceful, and empathetic world for all. Meg Languages accomplishes this by creating global citizens through language and intercultural experiences, including Spanish and Chinese language programs. Their Going Global offerings build educator and student global citizenship through student programs and educator and school leader professional development. Meg Languages recognizes that learning is more effective when meaningful communities are created and engaged with purpose. Make sure to check out Meg Language’s free student action programs!

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