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Did You Catch Our Latest Webinar on AI and Assessment?

Check out Leveling Up Your Grading with AI.

Key Insights from our most recent Actionable Innovations Conversation with Davis Jones and Amie Morales.

  • AI can make a greater human impact than ever thought possible through personalization.
  • Leveraging AI can help teachers build their ability to give better feedback and resources to their students.
  • Teachers need to understand AI and develop prompt creation skills.
  • AI can help level up grading skills beyond what almost anybody does today.
  • AI's ability to consistently grade essays accurately raises questions about the need for human grading.
  • Using AI to personalize lesson plans and accommodations for students could save teachers significant time and prevent burnout.
  • AI-powered assessment tools can help teachers develop a mindset to create personalized and thoughtful ways to assess student work.
  • Using AI to create tailored coaching plans for students could revolutionize the education system.
  • Reach out to Davis Jones if you would like a demo.

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