eb 3 is Chinese New Year and we will welcome the Year of the Rabbit. I’ve come up with a really simple picture project that will, if successful, create a resource of current images of Chinese New Year from around the world.

Chinese New Year is celebrated in almost every country so why not try to capture as much of that as possible, and help students to make comparisons between what the festival looks like in different places.

All that’s involved in the project is taking a picture (or a few of you want to) and uploading it to the Chinese New Year Where I Am Flickr Group, tagging it, and giving it a bit of a description. That’s it! Nothing further. Easy, hey?

If you are interested in being involved then please do. And please put the message out there as far and as wide as you can. Anyone can post a pic - not just teachers or students so rope in as many people as you can think of that would be happy enough to take and upload just one photo.

Here are the details that are posted in the Flickr Group (just in case you can’t wait to read them…I know, too exciting hey?! :-)

A really simple picture project for Chinese New Year 2011 - Feb 3 The Year of The Rabbit.

Take a picture of Chinese New Year celebrations, decorations, signs, etc wherever you are and post them to the group. This will build a great classroom resource for students all over the world to see what Chinese New Year looks like all over the world.

1. Please use the tag ‘cnypics11′ and make the title of your photo descriptive - for example, CNY in Melbourne, Australia or CNY Decorations in Sydney, Australia etc.
2. Please geotag your image so it shows up on the map.
3. Please add as much info as you can about where the pic was taken and why you took it.
4. Please license your image so that is is available for resuse.

Images can then be used by students to prompt discussions etc around the topic of Chinese New Year and festivals in general which will apply to lots of classes all over the world.

Anyone can add images to the group - you don’t have to be a teacher or a student. The wider the group the better!

Please leave a message in the group or a comment here on the blog if you have any comments, suggestions or questions.


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