CK-12 Foundation is a leading educational nonprofit that creates deeply interactive and intelligent digital textbooks. We have over 100 million users worldwide, and all of our resources are 100% free and aligned to Common Core.

We've developed a variety of resources to help educators and parents deal with school closures.

1. A student-friendly page about the coronavirus. It interactively explains the viral life cycle, offers tips on how to stay safe, and ends with discussion questions. Share it.

2. A new resource page with hand-picked lessons in math and science that are popular during the month of March. Bookmark it - we'll keep it updated moving forward. Check it out.

3. A webinar with more than 16K views on "School closure: How to teach online and learn from home with CK-12". Learn how to quickly get set up on our platform, stay connected with students, and take advantage of our best resources. Watch it.

And a Medium post about how we help educators, students, and parents maintain continuity and communication during school closures.

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