Discussing a Natural Disaster with Children and Youth

The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan is beyond comprehension and the images saturating the media are heart wrenching.  As a former teacher I know that these tragic events and profound images are not limited to adults. Children and youth, rightfully so, have questions and concerns. Why did this happen? How are the people doing who were affected by this tragedy? What are people doing to help? What can I do? Is this going to happen here? These are not easy questions to answer. To support parents and teachers our colleagues from UNICEF Australia have developed a comprehensive Natural Disaster Education Kit. In the kit you will find:

  • A guide for parents and teachers;
  • A Japan Earthquake and Tsunami factsheet; and
  • Classroom activities and ideas for taking action.

I hope that you find these useful. We have highlighted these resources on TeachUNICEF.org and will continue to bring additional materials to support you in discussing and teaching about global issues.

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