I’m a documentary filmmaker who is speaking directly to you cool teachers outside the United States.

We are facilitating asynchronous video correspondence between teenagers in different parts of the world. Kind of like a conversation by way of YouTube.
There are three areas of focus – academics, culture, and humor.

Your role would be in helping to create these videos (whatever that means to you).

Commitment: One short video per week from February 1 - March 31. 


It’s important for young people to build friendships in different parts of the world. Most students cannot travel widely. They do, however, have access to the world at their fingertips. But as a former high school teacher, I’m well aware of the pitfalls in relying on social media. This is an opportunity for them to create deep friendships by exploring their hopes, fears, and dreams, under the supervision of big-hearted educators. In the process, everyone involved will be a part of a movie that celebrates the best part about schools – our students.

Be a part of “Our School”.


Go to: https://www.bradycalestro.com/our-school-documentary-project

Watch the videos with your students. What we are looking for is a creative response from one or more of your students, on video, preferably “in character”. But it could also be something like a student explaining what the video meant to them, or to volley a question back. Keep in mind we’re looking to keep a two month conversation going – one video exchange per week. 

Feel free to email or call with any other questions, or simply to confirm your interest. 

Brady Calestro, M.Ed.



New York City, January 2022

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