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Across the USA and the globe Teacher & Leader Effectiveness is a hot topic expecially as it relates to new evaluation systems.  What strategies are effective teachers and leaders using to maximize student learning via digital content, communicating via online tools and being involved in global projects?  What are the most effective teachers and leaders doing to continuously grow and be prepared to incorporate these strategies in their environments?

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  • Co-Chair

    Is this a discussion or a conference proposal? If it's the latter, make sure you follow the directions in the call for proposals: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/page/2013-call-for-present...


    Lucy Gray

    Conference Co-Chair

    • It's a discussion - would love to hear from educators around the globe regarding the strategies they are using to engage students in online learning.

      • I'm a teacher educator at a university in Oklahoma. This is a question that I am very interested in too, Cathy.  I am especially interested to know if there are any universities which have teacher educator programs which are focusing on teaching their teacher candidates how to teach in an online K-12 school.

        • That's a great question, Cindi.  It would be interesting to see folks involved in that area to share their experiences.


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