Dear Global Education Conference Colleagues:
Given your leadership and interest in global education, I thought you would be interested to know about a new book on the development of faculty engagement in internationalization, in case it might be a helpful resource in your work.
The publication is entitled “The Twenty-first Century University: Developing Faculty Engagement in Internationalization,” (2010, Peter Lang Publishers). This book presents strategies that can be used by faculty and administrators to encourage faculty engagement in international activities on and off campus, including education abroad. If you are interested in learning more about the book, you can find information about it at
Here is what internationalization leaders in three different countries have to say about the book:
"Academic leaders, policy makers, faculty and scholars will benefit from the insightful analysis and pragmatic approach to enhancing faculty engagement in the internationalization process. This important and welcomed book helps to fill a major gap in research and practice and demonstrates that faculty are the true 'engine of internationalization' when their involvement is supported and recognized." --Jane Knight, University of Toronto
"Grounded in theory and full of practical advice, The Twenty-first Century University: Faculty Engagement in Internationalization represents an important addition to the literature on internationalization. It provides enormously useful guidance for chief academic officers, deans, and campus internationalization leaders as they work to engage the faculty in the important work of internationalization." -- Madeleine F. Green, Vice President for International Initiatives, American Council on Education
"This study on faculty engagement in internationalization provides insight into a crucial aspect of internationalization policies in higher education that has received too little attention before: how to stimulate faculty interest and involvement in internationalization strategies and activities in institutions of higher education. Her analysis, case studies and recommendations will be of relevance for colleges and universities in strengthening their internationalization objectives. " --Hans de Wit, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; Editor, Journal of Studies in International Education
If it might be useful, feel free to share this information with your university colleagues.
All the best,
Lisa Childress, Ed.D.

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