Name and Title:

Birgit A. Jensen, PhD, Associate Professor of German


East Carolina University

Area of the World:

United States



Target Audience(s):

Instructors of world languages who are able to employ digital technology to enhance their instruction

Short Session Description:

Learn how to stimulate deeper learning about globally important issues

Full Session Description:

Flipped learning is an instructional approach in which instructor-centric lectures are moved out of the classroom into the individual learning space (“homework”). Pre-class content is successively enriched with L2 comparative information. Scaffolded tasks invite student groups to collaborate on analyzing and evaluating the content and to create responses in the target language. These three interactions (analysis, evaluation, creation) constitute the highest levels of Bloom’s revised taxonomy and are frequently neglected in standard L2 instruction, which concerns itself with memorization of vocabulary, understanding grammar, and applying grammar and lexical items. While such conventional instruction uses the foreign culture as a mere backdrop to the acquisition of a new language, flipped learning enables instruction that is explicitly based on exploring the L2 culture, employing grammar and vocabulary as tools in the process.

The session will provide practical examples to demonstrate the planning of a flipped unit with cross-cultural critical thinking content that promotes global competency and 21st century skills.

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