Fourth Grade Playground Project

Two fourth grade classes interested in collaborating with other fourth graders. We would like to have the students study the cultural differences and similiarities of the games that are played on the playground at recess each day. Our students play several games that we think are unique to our specific geographical area. We want to compare and contrast our games with other "playground" games around the world. Please contact us if you'd like to share in our fun.

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  • We are finally ready to get started with this project. It's been a hectic beginning to the school year, but now we are all very excited to get moving on this. We have discussed ideas with the kids. If your kids play these games we won't use them for our project. Our goal is to choose games that are unique to our geographical area. A few of the games we play on the playground are: four square, hopscotch, touch football, wall ball, netball, around the world, red rover, kickball, and glob monster. Pick three or four that you do not play that sound interesting to you. And let us know. We will be seding you a voicethread to introduce our students to you using their self portraits. Please let us know what your ideas are, and we will now bechecking this site daily.

    Jill and Cathy
  • My fourth grade class would like to participate in this project. I asked one of of PE teachers to work with us on this project and she said yes - very excited!

    • Hi Mary,
      We're so happy to hear from you. We were wondering where your school is. This is our first project and we're really anxious to get started. Send us your thoughts and ideas. We have a lot of ideas to work with.
      Jill and Cathy
      • Sorry it took so long to reply - we're in Whitefish Bay, WI which is a suburb a few miles north of Milwaukee. We just started school so things are a little crazy - but hope to get some ideas going soon.

  • We are from Western Australia and would like to share in this project.
    • Hi Jane,
      We're so excited to be doing this project and to have someone in Australia interested in it. We were wondering about your school year since we're in opposite seasons. We are about to start school, are you about to finish? This is our first project, have you ever participated in a collaborative project before? Let us know your thoughts and ideas. Looking forward to hearing from you.
      Jill an Cathy
      • Our school year started in February and we are halfway through Term 3. We have 5 weeks to go this term and 10 weeks in 4th Term. We finish school a week before Christmas. Even if the project does not finish before then I would get my next year's class to follow on the project.
        My class have been involved in several collaborative projects some just with one other school and some in bigger groups.
        We use both our class blog and our wiki for these projects and some of the projects we have joined have had their own wiki to use.
  • Your project has great potential. We're from the Bay Area, California and would like to participate. Thanks for sharing your idea.

    • We are so happy to hear from you. This is our first project. Have you ever done this before? We have some ideas and it really is a big goal for us this year. I think the kids will be enthused about this topic. Let us know your thoughts and ideas, since we're new at this.

      Jill and Cathy
      • Hello Jill and Cathy,

        Where are you located? I see we might have someone from Australia. That sounds exciting. I did a collaborate project years ago by snail mail. We sent each other boxes of artifacts and clues for the students to determine our locations. It was great fun! I'm ready to participate in an online project. We could upload videos to YouTube, create podcasts, use Skype, or a wiki. I'm flexible. Let me know what you have in mind.

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