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Toby Rowland

CEO & Founder

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Middle School Teachers

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Games in Math Class:  Connecting with Students or Surrendering to them?

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In this session, we will review recent developments in math games, and explore their usage in a blended lesson.  

Much attention has been paid to the and potential of games-based educational content, but there has been little research into how it can be managed in a math class.  Lessons involving game content can all too easily devolve into unproductive trial and error, so teachers have to work hard on lesson plans to get the best out of students in a games-based class.  In this session, Toby Rowland, CEO of, will share some blended teaching secrets from around the world that you can implement and use to get your students working hard and enjoying it.  Drawing on experiences in the US, UK, Australia and Brazil, Toby will guide you through principles underlying lesson plan formulation, and then extend to practical tips and lesson ideas.

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