Digital Wish just completed a study of the technology shortfalls for front line educators and The Education Connectivity Report is now available here.
It's a great tool to help you show need in order to secure funding for education technology.
Digital Wish surveyed front line educators and asked them to report their school-to-home connectivity across 3 major areas:
1) Home Connectivity Shortfalls for Students - Estimated 10.6 Million students (19%) don't have at-home internet connectivity.
2) Shortfalls in Computing Devices - Estimated 11.8 Million students (21%) don't have the computers necessary to access digital learning at home.
3) The Need for Hotspots - Schools need to purchase an estimated 7 Million hotspots for students (12%).
In addition, we've collected and included many anecdotal stories showing rates of truancy, students sharing one laptop among 5 siblings, attempts to do schoolwork on cell phones, kids sitting in parking lots in the rain to get internet, and complete lack of connectivity in many rural areas.
I've attached a copy of the report.


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