We are seeking additional partners for the following projects: Project 1: Creative Web Tools For and By Kids (http://weewebwonders.pbwiki.com/) is designed for students, ages 8 to 13, to use emerging technologies for engaging, thinking, learning, collaborating, creating, and innovating. It has its foundations in social constructivism whereby students drive their own learning experiences through educational networking and the use of emerging technologies. A PB WIki is the workspace with the students using tools such as Animoto, My Studiyo Quiz Maker, Dipity Timeline, Voki Avatars, Wordle, and Imagechef to demonstrate their learning. At this time three classes - one from Arizona, one from Illinois, and one from the country of Turkey are participating. Project 2: Our class in Arizona has just started a project based on using technology to teach, explore, and demonstrate language arts knowledge and skills. The students are participating in three technology-based projects @ http://discoverychange.pbwiki.com/FrontPage
(1) 60 words Digital pictures of words from the school campus were taken by the students, Now they are creating messages of hope and change with these words using an online collaborative whiteboard. (2) Our Story Students are interviewing the heroes in their lives and posting their heroes' stories on the Our Story timeline. (3) Reader's Theater Students, in small groups, are writing creative stories and readers' theater narrative dialogues, creating books via Tikatok, and making a Podcast of their story scripts. We love to have some other classes join us for any or all of the projects described!

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  • Sounds great Jackie! If you are looking for classes to collaborate with for the upcoming school year, let us know. I teach grade 7/8 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and we would love to connect with you and your students (as well as any others you are working with). We have a smart board in our classroom which we use a lot and we utilize podcasts, photo stories, wikis and blogs within our studies. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Jason Hill
    • Hi Jason - I am know teaching higher ed - but a keeping the websites open. Let me know if you want to continue the efforts and I can possible have my college freshman (18 years old) participate with your students.
  • Hi Jacjie
    As Lucy has said we are on a different schedule. We finish our school year on 19th December and begin a new school year on 4th February.
  • What is the time frame for these projects. I am interested but we only have 2 and a half weeks of our school year left and don't start school again until Feb 4th?

    Lynne Crowe
    • Hi, Lynne -

      Thanks for your interest - I have no timelines on the projects. Are you on year-round as this is an interesting schedule!
      • Co-Chair
        Hi Jackie -

        I think you'll find that schools outside the US operate on a different schedule. For instance, I'm visiting Singapore right now, and they just let out until January. The teachers are working, but it's basically the end of their school year.

        Hope this helps!

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