Global Collaboration Day Update - September 5

Dear GEC Members -

We have 100+ schools and 40+ projects on our Global Collaboration Day website!

We have only about 10 days to go until we put on a collective demonstration of global collaboration! Global Collaboration Day is slated to take place in YOUR time zone on September 17th. Please consider participating in an event on our calendar AND/OR hosting an event for others. Our goals are focused on supporting those new to connecting classrooms as well as showcasing tools, initiatives and programs that will benefit students by helping them learn with the world. We believe in the power of globally connected learners; help us make as many opportunities as possible for students, teachers, and organizations around the world.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Register to participate by attending an event. You can see an event calendar in your time zone on our participant page.
  2. Sign up to host a simple event that involves technology on September 17th. This does not have to be a major production; take a look at events listed in our calendar for inspiration
  3. Spread the word to the world. Use our flyer or the hashtag #globaled15 on Twitter. If you work with large companies organizations, contact me about serving as an outreach partner. 
  4. Drop into one of three scheduled sessions we're holding this week to answer question and brainstorm ideas. Details are in our last community update:

We are particularly interested in soliciting more events in other languages and would particularly love to see more libraries, museums, and institutions of informal learning get involved. 

Huge thanks to TES for coming on board this week as a sponsor of this and the Global Education Conference! See our full list of sponsors and partners here and understand that they, too, believe in the power of globally connected learners! 


Lucy Gray & Steve Hargadon

Global Education Conference Co-Chairs

Global Collaboration Day Organizers

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