The Global Competence Certificate was launched in 2014 with the goal of increasing the number of educators professionally trained to teach for global competence. GCC courses prepare educators to better understand global issues, teach for global competence, and facilitate students' development as globally informed, engaged citizens. As the program grew, there was a demand from teachers to enroll in single courses. In 2016, we introduced that option.

The next session of GCC courses will run January 23 - March 19, 2017. Register by January 10 for the following courses:

  • Dialoguing in Global Education (January 23 - March 19)

Many K-12 educators are struggling to talk with students about creating more inclusive communities and classrooms. If you’re looking for a supportive cohort to build your skills fostering effective dialogue around cross-cultural communication and inclusion, enroll in Dialoguing in Global Education.

  • Digital Pedagogy (January 23 - March 19)

Are you looking for inspiration on using technology to help students learn in new ways? Digital Pedagogy is designed to expand teachers' repertoire while considering how changes in pedagogy shape knowledge around global education.

  • Introduction to Global Competence (January 23 - March 19)

The world is becoming more interconnected and interdependent all the time. Why is this happening and how can you help your students shape their role in the world? In Introduction to Global Competence, teachers examine the complex globalizing factors transforming the world while building a framework for a pedagogical outlook based on global competence.

  • Poverty (January 23 - March 19)

Would you like to build a more nuanced understanding of economic inequality and poverty, while deepening your knowledge of the causes and consequences of global poverty? In the Poverty course, participants explore these questions and review ways to help students approach this daunting topic with empathy and humility.

  • Sustainability & Environment (January 23 - March 19)

Environmental stewardship has never been more critical, and engaging students in discussion on creating a sustainable path forward for our planet is essential. If you’re looking for inspiration on teaching sustainability, consider enrolling in Sustainability & Environment.

Visit the GCC Course Registration page for more information and to register.

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