Hi - I think I've posted on these resources before, but I think it's helpful to share them again. I'm a big fan of using online bookmarking services, in particular, two specific sites. I use Delicious and Diigo for their social features. You can follow other users with both, and in the case of Diigo, you can create bookmarking groups and annotate/highlight web pages as well. With every resource I bookmark, I tag them using keywords. The tags I use are generally: globalawareness, globaled, globaleducation, global_education. For instance, here is everything in my personal Delicious account tagged globalawareness: Here's a link to everything tagged globalawareness by anyone in Delicious. Note the differences in the urls as people new to Delicious sometimes are not aware that you can provide different urls to different parts of delicious, if that makes sense! I also use Diigo because it has features that are not available in Delicious. Most notably, individuals can bookmark collectively in a group. There is also a setting in Diigo that allows me to bookmark to Delicious simultaneously which saves me some work. We have a group for the Global Education Collaborative in Diigo: Finally, on the front page of this ning, you will see a list of resources. That is a link (or RSS feed) to my delicious account and everything tagged global_education. This list changes here in the GEC as I bookmark stuff. There is a link at the bottom of that box that will take you to a full list of resources in Delicious. If you have questions, please let me know. If you want to contribute in the same manner, use the tags suggested above!

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