Global Read Aloud

The Global Read Aloud held annually in the fall attracts over 100,000 students worldwide, and this fall, the project welcomed "143,000 student participants" from "6 continents" and "more than 30 countries," according to Wisconsin 5th grade teacher Pernille Ripps, who is the originator and organizer of the project.  The project not only motivates students in the reading process, but helps them also to understand globalization. Through blogging, Twitter, Skype, Google Hangout, Edmodo, and other online tools, the students discuss the selected books while also learning about how students in different locations live. After the project concludes, the students have multiple ways to continue to engage with the students they have met worldwide. Just wondering what others have heard about this project and if they have followed it on Twitter, using the hashtag #gra13..

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