Global Socio-Economic Redesign

Greetings, We're looking for students and teachers to participate in a "thought-exercise" we're conducting online during the month of May, 2012. The proposition is this: What if the aliens arrive and give us the Big Ultimatum -- "Clean up your act...OR ELSE!!

It's a roundabout way of looking at the social and economic problems we're facing at this point in time, then proposing logical, rational solutions in order to "save ourselves"!

It wouldn't take much time -- a few minutes here and there during the next month, maybe a half-hour to an hour total -- and only a summary of "your plan" (a page or two) is requested.

The scenario is explained -- and illustrated -- in this 3-minute video on YouTube. It's fun to watch ... and ponder, even if you don't have time to participate any further.

You can also get there quickly by typing "aliens arrive can we survive" in a Google search, or on YouTube. (Teachers, maybe you could mention this shortcut to your students and see if they're interested?)

Regrettably, we've saddled our next generation with some immense challenges (i.e. Huge Problems!) And, realistically, they may be the ones who HAVE to solve them.

Thanks for taking a look,

Steve Saylor

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