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Hi Everyone,

I am writing to share this new PD program launched over the summer created in conjunction with NCHE and the Longview Foundation. The target audience of the modules and course features include pre-service teachers, teachers, history professors, education and methods professors, and global education organizations.  We hope you will explore and join the participants already involved and ask that you share this resource with your network.

The resource is 100% free, self-paced, and online.  Now that the project is live, we just want people to use it!

In addition, I will be presenting at NCSS in Boston this November on the project.

§          For a general overview of the professional development resource checkout this short screencast, checkout this screencast about the project!




An overview and access link to Blackboard Coursesites is provided below.  

I am happy to discuss any aspect of this project with you and thank you in advance for your time and attention.


Craig Perrier

§       Resource Overview Statement:

Recent trends have called for the “globalizing” of American education through 21st Century teaching and learning and the Common Core State Standards. These educational demands coincide with efforts in the history profession to internationalize the United States history survey course. Combined, these two paradigm shifts have generated demand to construct and teach histories that are rigorous and relevant to college and career readiness. Globalizing history education, therefore, involves an “opening” of students’ conceptions of the past through expanded content, broader methodology, and units of analysis that go beyond the nation. Preparing history teachers to do this is integral to the longevity and success of global education. This project addresses gaps in thought leadership and the scarcity of professional development programs dedicated to globalizing the U.S. history survey.


§       Access to Globalizing the US History Survey Resource (Does not work well in IE)


Access to the resource here or the link below:  Globalizing US History Survey: Free, Self-Paced, Online, Collaborative, Professional Development Modules 

Resources are designed to be used in methods courses and any US History Survey as well as IB HOA and APUSH. Participation is free and the resource is self-enrollng. 


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