GLOW Conference Update: AfterGLOW

GLOW Conference Update: AfterGLOW
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1. Reimagining Education's Purpose

- Education extends beyond knowledge transfer; it empowers lifelong learners, adaptable problem solvers, and responsible global citizens.

- Cultivating solution-oriented thinkers can address global challenges and prepare youth for an uncertain future.

2. Elevating Educators' Role

- Teaching holds the future in its hands, shaping a brighter, healthier, and more just world.

- Educators must redefine children's potential and the essence of education.

- Developing practical global competencies is key to fostering international engagement, collaboration, and adaptability.

- Travel experiences enhance educators' intercultural competence and enrich students' perspectives.

- The shift towards online and hybrid learning necessitates ongoing teacher professional development on a global scale.

3. Empowering Student Agency

- Advancing a narrative that empowers children and gives them a sense of purpose for learning is crucial in education.

- Educators play a pivotal role in empowering children and igniting their passion for learning.

- Educating a generation of solutionaries can solve the grave problems we face in the world and prepare young people for the future.

4. Prioritizing Social-Emotional Learning

- Focusing on wellness metrics and emotional well-being positively influences student behavior and academic achievement and reduces educator burnout.

5. Cultivating DEIJB and Global Citizenship

- Diversity is a source of strength and vitality, not a challenge to overcome, in education.

- Culturally relevant education fosters empathy, understanding, and meaningful connections.

- Empathy breaks down societal divisions and dismantles prejudice.

- Developing a global mindset is crucial for effective international engagement and adaptation to diverse cultures.

- UN SDG Target 4.7 emphasizes global citizenship education for sustainable development.

6. Innovation in Education

- Adapting international innovations to local contexts offers insights for enhancing learning opportunities.

- A culture of experimentation and risk-taking drives genuine educational transformation.

- Cross-border collaboration and project piloting lead to impactful changes and inter-organizational connections.


These themes encapsulate the rich discussions and insights shared during the GLOW Conference, driving forward the discourse on global education and its transformative potential. We encourage you to view these important presentations and connect with the speakers and their organizations.

GLOWing Thanks

A huge shoutout of appreciation to Cristina Velázquez (Profe TINA) and Marina Falasca for organizing our Spanish-language sessions and to Cindy Lane, Bea Leiderman, and Dr. Julene Reed for lending support during GLOW. We are grateful, too, for our benefactors, the Institute for Humane Education, the Global Learning Accelerator, Fulbright Teacher Exchanges, MY HERO Project, Digital Promise, and the NEA FoundationThank you as well to the dozens of people who supported our event, including our esteemed patrons Michael Ehrenfried, Bridgette Hunter, Navilan NN, Connie Rensick, Heather Singmaster, Neil Snedecker, Linda Staheli, Eric Walters, and Jesse Weisz.

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