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My name is Gregg Granger. My wife and I took our three children, two girls and one boy, on a circumnavigation of the world in a sailboat. We returned home after four and a half years abroad last May. We visited 38 countries - our favorites, by the way, were Indonesia and Yemen - traveled 35,000 nautical miles, and made friends in each of these places. My passion now is telling people about the world we experienced, which is far from the world presented to us in America. My oldest daughter graduated home schooled on the boat, and is currently enrolled at Calvin College in International Development. My second daughter is graduating high school this year, probably home-school, because of some of the testing-out requirements for public school. She plans on studying International Relations. Both learned a good dose of Bahasa Indonesian/Malaysian language during our year in Southeast Asia. I have a nearly completed manuscript of our trip, not as a travelogue except for the extent necessary to tell the story. It offers a first hand glimpse of the others and otherness we encounter, and our reactions, not always on our best behavior, to the worlds we find ourselves in. It is my hope, now that we are back in the United States, to work to lessen the fears we have of the world. If I can be a resource for members of The Global Education Collaborative, I would like to be so. I haven't quite figured out what the looks like, but perhaps somebody here has some ideas. It might be beneficial to look at our website, paying particular attention to the "destinations" page, which has links to every country we visited.

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