How is Global Competence Measured?

Want to Assess whether or not students are developing the attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to grapple with complex global issues is a challenge for teachers? VIF’s Global Competence Indicators offer grade-based frameworks for assessing whether students are grasping and retaining global concepts. The indicators provide teachers with checklists that outline global competency skills appropriate for students based on their grade level. Across grade levels, global competence is measured by four primary competencies: 

  1. Understanding.
  2. Investigating.
  3. Connecting.
  4. Integrating.

The indicators are a resource for teachers to use throughout the school year and support educators in developing insights to develop their own tools for assessing global competence. Global Competence Indicators also serve administrators in gauging how successfully teachers are incorporating global concepts into their instruction and in identifying course structures that may need revision or additional resources. 

VIF's Global Competence Indicators can be easily integrated into any professional development or classroom projects teachers choose. As an example, the Daffodil and Tulip project, which can be found in the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN) Project Book, was conducted by Katherine Law from Orca Elementary School in collaboration with a group of iEARN teachers to study global climate change around the world. Law explains how she collaborated with global classrooms, “We wanted to plant daffodils on the same day in Iran, Taiwan, Uganda and other countries, to track how the daffodils grow and how climate affects them. The students were doing all sorts of great math and sharing what they found with the students from around the world.”

Click here to download VIF’s Global Competence Indicators for free. To learn more about VIF’s global education resources, visit

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