Dorothy would say as she clicked her sparkling red shoes together.  And the good fairy Glenna waved her wand and all was well with the world again - at least Dorothy's.

Why can't she wave her wand over our educational system and make that better as well?  Perhaps she is just waiting for us to bring the house down on the "wicked" educational system of past so she can take it into the future.  

We've been shown the way.  Sir Ken Robinson has been demonstrating the future first with his "Changing Education Paradigms" 2 years ago to his more recent explanation on "How to escape education's death valley" to Sugata Mitra: Child Driven Education also 2 years ago to 5 months ago when he said, "Build a School in the Cloud".

Actually, we call it the Universal Library for Learning which we intend to design through crowd sourcing with educators, developers of OER's and learners.  It will allow any individual to go and find quality materials based on their individual interests and that meet their learning style(s) and abilities.  Whether facilitated by an educator, a parent or just looking for yourself, each individual that enters will have an interactive learning card to develop and store their individual learning pathway.  And since it is personalized to the learner, it is their interests which drive their learning and not the standards.    This means instead of being in the front end of learning they are accounted for at the end of the learning.  As goals are met, standards are achieved, mastery has been obtained, the learner receives digital badges which hold all the information and artifacts the learner produced to show mastery.

Technology is moving and changing more rapidly now then ever and new learning resources are born every day.  How can you keep up with it all?  How can you make sure each is quality?  One person can't but many together can.  And that is what NGGE is all about - pulling together the pieces of best practice and quality learning together into one place and then making it easily assessable to all learners.  

Come along and explore with us how we can give learning back to our children regardless of who they are, where they live, or if they're  are rich or poor.  

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    Hi Tracy-

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        Tracy -

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        • Thank you so much for your help.  I wasn't home this week-end, sat down to rewrite the proposal and see that I missed the deadline.  I will, however, take your advice and read examples so that I do better next time.

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    • Yes, I thought I had to submit this blog first before I entered a proposal.

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        • Well then I guess I am lost.  Actually this was not meant to be a blog as such.  I thought I was following the directions. 

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            Hi again -

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