Hello Fellow Educators,

I'm writing from Australia @ Amazing People Schools. I was very inspired by the 'fun fact' below passed on to me yesterday and wanted to share it, as it is particularly relevant under current circumstances. Our students LOVE being inspired by stories of courage and creativity. 

We are very aware educators are under increased pressure, managing anxious students and parents, and also contemplating the educational implications for the rest of the year. Not easy.

Here's a dose of inspiration - one of our Amazing People, Isaac Newton was sent to study at home by Cambridge during the bubonic plague, as a means of 'social distancing'. It became his 'year of wonders', when he made incredible discoveries! This is a great example for students, and may help keep them engaged and inspired.

The articles below are great reading in relation to Newton's 'quarantine' and how he produced some of his best work!



Shakespeare is another example, as he produced many of his key plays during a period of quarantine!

So, let's see what wonders are created during this period, offering an opportunity to be creative in alternative ways!

Let's all help each other through the next few weeks and months. Our founder is keen to help and you can access our online resources for students and teachers for the entire duration of these challenging times - (for free and with no obligations), offering support for wellbeing and strengthening character. 

Our stories, featuring ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things, no matter what was against them, are very relevant in current circumstances. They can also be explored and enjoyed by families at home.


(We've had hundreds of schools literally signing up in the past day or so, so please bear with us as we work through setting schools up).

Keep well and safe and be kind to each other, as we navigate new waters.

Kind regards,

Marion Andersson

Education Manager - Australia



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