Spread kindness with a little help from some Amazing People


Dear Fellow Educators,


We are glad to see some of you enjoying exploring Amazing People Schools. Maybe it's time to get your student accounts all set up. Let's get them actively engaged in developing their character strengths - so relevant during the current climate. 


If you need your access details resent, please get in touch. We can easily set all students up once you supply their names in this CSV file - Download Here.


Acts of kindness are keeping us all going at the moment. People around the globe are stepping up and helping out those that need support during these challenging times.


So, we wanted to reflect this in our onging Wellbeing Workouts. This one is all about kindness. Students can put down their screens and focus on some uplifting activities, inspired by Amazing People who demonstrated kindness in all sorts of ways. Getting immersed in this Wellbeing Workout will encourage your students to build and show kindness in their own way.

The resource is designed to be used alongside our website. We’re doing all we can to support you, but we’d love to hear your views – is there is a particular theme you’d like us to cover? Just let us know.


We are looking forward to quickly setting up your free student accounts. 


If you haven't already, please complete this form and feel free to share this with any colleagues that would like free access.


We’re right here for you.


Kind regards, 

Marion Andersson (marion@amazingpeopleschools.com)


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