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Hana Sustkova


School or Organization Name:

 Lacadalet o.s. (NGO)


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 Europe (Czech Rep.)


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Target Audience(s):

 Students, everyone interested in poetry


Short Session Description (one line):

 Poetry reading online game - (inter)national poets modern and classic can be spread by Lacadalet Youtube channel amongs young people.


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Lacadalet Magazine is there for everyone who likes to read, write and just stay in the world of literature, art, culture. Therefoe, as a next step in our aim to let the people learn and educate eachother non-formal way, like what people feel in some strange situation, foreign countries and wars, why and how do people use the poetry language because they need to communicate. In this way we would like to show you our small project Poetry reading online game, where on the youtube channel Multicrazydaisy we introduce well-known and also new poets by reading their poems. The game is fun because of the possibility to be heard and to try to make something if you are not poet at the first instance. The game could be great for the non-formal learning because of its content, classical poets, Nobel prize laureats and your poems as well - you can read and enjoy the fun with us. The language could be the original one because the finding of the translation is alway possible - the value of the language is extraordinary, isn't it?



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