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Scholars Abroad is a unique intercultural and educational organization that organizes intercultural exchanges for volunteers and interns to learn about other parts of the world in a meaningful way and offers affordable volunteer and internship placement programs. Scholars Abroad tailors overseas experiences for young academic people to develop their career as well as for retired and career break professionals and families to experience a diverse culture.

Scholars Abroad coordinates with international development organizations, community based organizations, and public and private health institutions to match volunteers with individuals, families and communities to address local needs and issues in developing countries. During this process, volunteers have the opportunity to take part in a first-hand intercultural learning experience. As a result, through their work with host organizations, volunteers learn about others cultures and languages, develop leadership skills and take part in community development activities.

The programs offered by Scholars Abroad are focused on increasing personal capacities and intercultural knowledge that enables participants to engage effectively and appropriately within different cultural settings.

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