Your Name and Title:  Evonne Heyning, CoFounding Director

Organization Name:  Grow Games, EDDEFY 

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:  California

Language in Which You Will Present:  English

Target Audience(s):  Administrators, educators, technologists

Short Session Description (one line):  How can we align the tools, tech, content and access to remove barriers to lifelong learning for every person on the planet?

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):  There are 57 million young people that can be counted without access to educational resources and millions more who are displaced every year. Worldwide we see over 800 million people left out of the formal school environment while billions begin to pursue their own DIY Learning paths online through MOOCs, games and videos. How can we bring together the tools, access, quality content and guides that can ignite deeply connected learning for all people on this planet?

We will be collaborating to integrate educational solutions for the hardest 10% to reach - slaves, displaced peoples, poverty-striken regions and the hidden people in our own communities such as foster and homeless youth. Our goal is to begin an initiative that will take root in 2014 to bridge these educational gaps so that every person on the planet is able to pursue their own learning paths.

Discussion will include useful tools and the open toolbox for learning along with strategies for international cross-sector collaboration to achieve meaningful results by 2015.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:  Knowledge mapping tools in development at and social action games at - TEDx talk on this topic available soon via video.

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  • Co-Chair

    Evonne, my assumption is that you are for profit. For profit groups need to be sponsors of the conference in order to presenter. Can you confirm for me your status? 


    Lucy Gray

    Conference Co-Chair

    • Thanks for asking Lucy. I work across many organizations - bridging collaborations and productions for two social enterprises, 3 nonprofits and a handful of public sector consulting clients for interactive learning experiences. My role tends to be as an advisor and vision holder who sees the big picture and how our fields are converging.

      This discussion grows out of a conversation we started at TEDxBlackRock in August 2013 where I spoke on assembling the open learning toolkit that aligns edu, gov, npo and social business to do more together. Collaboration between the sectors is a frequent barrier to progress and I am exploring within this field whether we need a new initiative or foundation to tackle cross-sector collaboration with a goal of lifelong learning for all. 

      I would love to have an open conversation with others who are interested in the 2013EFA track in particular to discuss next steps and alignments. I'm not interested in going in depth into any particular company or product at this time, rather I'd like to see how many groups can align effectively to move more efficiently together, especially as it meets critical needs for displaced and distressed populations.

      • Co-Chair

        Hi Evonne -

        If you would like to have conversations about this, the person to contact is Ed Gragert who is heading the Education for All Strand: 

        Otherwise, I'm afraid I can't approve this proposal without a straightforward answer. We ask companies who benefit from our work to support us minimally and that's our policy. 



        • Makes sense - I'm not seeking to benefit from your work, my goal is to find a common venue to have a conversation about next steps in global collaboration across many organizations. I am meeting with many NGOs and government agencies to determine whether a new NGO needs to be formed or whether there's an existing foundation that is moving forward with an open initiative. I am personally looking for the leaders in the education for all strand and will reach out to Ed directly to see how that fits in with your event.

          My apologies if my email address is confusing - I had registered in previous years under one of my companies and spoke from that perspective last year and chose to keep the same account vs. changing email addresses here.

          • Co-Chair

            Thanks, Evonne. I'm not looking at your email. You listed Eddefy and that most cetainly seems like a for profit company. If you remove all for profit references and do not push a tool/product in your session, you are welcome to present.

            Last year, you presented in a strand that was sponsored by Cisco, and that took care of the sponsorship obligation. We do not have an innovation strand like this year, and feel that companies who benefit from our network should minimally support us.


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