Your Name and titel Dr baluku daneil masindi,executive director School or Organization Name: Masindi Health Development Program (MHDP) Co-Presenter Name(s):baluku hannington gift,voice chairperson (MHDP) Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Ntoroko District, Western UgandaLanguage in Which You Will Present: English Target Audience(s): Mothers, Children &Teachers implementing Early Reading Education 21 integrated with Healthcare Promotion measure. Session Strand (use the “tag”): "2019SDGs Short Session Description (one line): Integration of Early Reading Education 21 and Healthcare Promotion measures. Abstract Providing early learning through collaborating with the parents, children, teachers, education department Ntoroko District and other stake holders will improve early reading in Ntoroko District through extending services nearer to the people. Learning Objectives: The presentation will help to reveal what is being done to promote early reading in Ntoroko District. The presentation will help participants understand the challenges of early reading in Ntoroko District. Presentation Methods: Lecture PowerPoint Discussion Session Description The pre-primary education has been under the management of the private sector which limits access to the communities because of being demand driven. In rural areas 91% of Uganda’s children are not accessing pre-primary education where early reading is promoted. (NPA2015). Masindi Health Development Program (MHDP) has established Centre’s where early reading is being exercised. The parents are also learning how to read. They also engage in saving and credit to improve their income. We apply early reading technics like engaging the mothers and children, the use of words with real objects and making learning participatory has improved the learning for the children. Our children’s reading skills has improved. Our online activity i.e. Facebook, Peaceflame network brings the Early reading Program through the office 365 platform. Early reading is an alternative way of reading which eliminates dyslexia and has children reading when they start primary. Challenge There is uneven distribution of Early Child Development Centres (ECD) in Ntoroko where early reading is being exercised. Areas whose population earns a high income tend to attract the ECD Proprietors with an assumption that the parents and guardians will afford fees. Our plan to improve learning We plan to lobby the Government to consider revising its current policy to increase financial allocation for pre-primary education. Sensitizing parents on the advantages of Early Reading. Establish more learning Centre’s for early reading within the hard to reach areas in Ntoroko District Partnership with community Development Partners for access to further education opportunity and healthcare services. Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session: Everyone is invited to join our Peace Flame by registering at Masindi Health Development Program (MHDP)

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