Our art teacher would like to set up with a teacher in another country a digital project where students would create handmade journals.  In these journals they would create a page about themselves (a self portrait) and other following pages could be about what they see in their daily lives (the world around them - their school, home, landscape), their greatest fear, etc.  We could easily make prompts for them to respond to through art in the journals. 


Teachers or students could be involved in making sure photos are taken of all responses in the journals or some of the journal responses as a representation of the class.  These could be sent back and forth between the teachers or uploaded to a common photo site the teachers set up in order to share.


We are specifically looking for 7th graders (11-12 years old).  We have 4 art classes with 7th grade students in them who would participate.  If there was an art teacher that was interested that had 4 seventh grade art classes, that'd be great.  If we had to have some from 6th grade or 8th grade I'm sure that would be ok to so that we even out to 4 classes on both sides. 


Again - this wouldn't necessarily be matching students as a pen pals but more to share class to class.  Students would be able to gain insights into live in another country, for other students, what the land and people are like and to learn more about others their age and see the similarities and differences.


Feel free to email me at lindsey.gallagher@ucps.k12.nc.us or message me here.


Thank you!

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