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Greetings GEC Members - Given the success last week of our first panel discussion, I'm organizing additional ones for October and November. Please read the following information carefully. 1. If you are interested in serving as a panelist, please submit your information here: Panelists should be GEC members who have extensive expertise and experience with the follow topics. The panels will be flexible in terms of content. 2. October's topic will focus on curriculum. Potential questions: How does a school infuse global topics into their existing curricula? In the US, how do you meet state standards while incorporating globally oriented activities in your classroom? How do social justice topics fit into a school's curricula? What is the International Baccalaureate program? How does student travel support curriculum? Why should schools start world language programs in early grades? 3. November's theme will be projects. Panelists should be GEC members who have successfully conducted global projects with students of any age level. Potential questions: How do you find ideal project partners? How do you structure a project for success? How do you design projects to fit existing standards? How do you obtain administrator and parental support for such projects? How do you get IT people on board to support projects? 4. December's theme will be service learning. People working in schools with service learning programs are desired. Also, we seek to spotlight projects that have a global impact. Higher education institutions with community service programs are also welcome. Potential questions: What is service learning? How can service learning be extended to incorporate global learning? What does an effective service learning program look like? How do you encourage students to reflect upon what they are learning in the course of service learning? What organizations offer projects? Hope to hear from you soon! Lucy Gray GEC Founder

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