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My name is Leeza Marie Anderson and my interest in "Global Edu" is due to my global reach in that I am not only an ELA and Science teacher specializing in special education and middle school education in Ohio, but I recently taught English online in a virtual classroom for BlingABC. It's one of the newest companies that offer online English classes for students located, for the most part, Beijing, China.  The company is a little over a year old, and I have been teaching there for a little over a year. So, it appears that I got in on the ground floor of a very amazing company.  I have rolled with the punches, so to speak, as the company continues to grow and transform.  Unfortunately, I got sick in September, I continued to teach Monday through Sunday as ill as I was, and after passing out and being taken to emergency, I was hospitalized for three weeks total, and told by the company I would have to re-apply for my job. It was hurtful. I was teaching 70-89 classes a week for this company and enjoying every moment of it.  In addition, I run an online tutoring business called AOT (Anderson's Online Tutoring) and I wrote a book called, "Making My Mess A Message" I self-published and posted the e-book on my Facebook Business Page and on my storefront at (AprilGurlAccessories).  I am a firm believer in disseminating information to the masses to help other's not have to travel the road less paved, but the road that is smooth and as bump-free as possible due to others that have traveled those same roads before in order to make things easier for subsequent generations. 

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