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I’m pleased to announce that the Global Campaign for Education-US Chapter, one of the 2013 GEC co-sponsors, has just launched a revamped Lesson For All (LFA)( http://www.campaignforeducationusa.org/site/page/lesson-for-allwhich contains three modules, History/Geography, Economics and Government, of nine lessons focused on teaching U.S. students about the right to an education for all and the barriers that many young people around the world encounter when trying to go to school. The Lesson for All, written by Virginia high school social studies specialist Craig Perrier, is available free of charge and includes lessons that involve discussion, document-based analysis, multimedia and writing prompts. All lessons are mapped to Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening Standards in the Common Core State Standards, Global Competency Matrix and the Social Studies Arc of Inquiry. 

After releasing the elementary school curriculum last fall, many high school teachers came to us asking to integrate the right to education into their classrooms as well.

The Lesson for All resources provide relevant, problem-based lessons which seek to develop student critical thinking and application of knowledge.  Developing these curriculum modules was an invigorating opportunity as it provided a forum to synthesize pedagogical best practices, instructional design, global perspectives, and social studies content,” said author, Craig Perrier.  “Overall, the modules seek to empower students by having them contextualize their educational realities, construct meaning about their learning experiences in the past and present, and envision a pathway for their future.” 

The Lesson for All, focuses on the right to a quality education and serves as a starting point that links to extension activities, including service-learning opportunities, and lessons on other international issues that intersect with education.  It also provides concrete ways that youth can take action to make sure that universal quality education becomes a reality. Photos in the LFA were provided by buildOn (http://www.buildon.org/) and UNESCO. To access the electronic version of the High School Lesson for All, as well as previously released elementary school versions, click here. (http://www.campaignforeducationusa.org/site/page/lesson-for-all)


Ed Gragert
Director, Global Campaign for Education-US
Executive Director Emeritus, iEARN-USA


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