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Polar Bears in a Changing Climate

As some of you may recall, "Rolling on the Tundra," an interdisciplinary study of polar bears and climate change, was published last year on ALI in conjunction with live webcasts conducted from the shores of the Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba. This year, there will be two different weeks of webcasts conducted from the tundra. These both are part of a new ALI exhibit, "Polar Bears in a Changing Climate." The webcasts this year are much more engaging with live cameras on the bears on the tundra as well as video clips from bears recently encountered. The curriculum in the new exhibit is based on Challenge Based Learning, and the main focus is climate change. The first series of webcasts includes an environmental science teacher from St. George's as well as scientists and zoologists on the panel (Oct. 19-21). The second set of webcasts (Nov. 9-11) will include a great panel of experts as well, and I will facilitate that discussion. There is a sheet of FAQ's for educators to use prior to the webcasts as well as lots of CBL resources that provide framework for educators new to this instructional strategy. And, there are some great resources to go with the lessons and webcasts. Please share this information with educators you know who may be interested. This should be a great series of informative session, and I hope that the resources will be beneficial. Know that video clips and resources are still being added to the site, so it is a dynamic and changing resource at this point. However, I believe you will currently find some great resources already available on the site. I am also adding more student examples of technology-specific products being used to support the lessons and the solutions (psa's created with iMovie, Pages documents, etc.), so be looking for those. Here is the URL for the new exhibit as well as the URL for the one from last year. I hope you'll consider joining the webcasts and that this information will be of benefit to you, your teachers, and your students. "Polar Bears in a Changing Climate" "Rolling on the Tundra" J. Julene S. Reed, M.Ed. Director of Academic Technology St. George's Independent School Collierville, TN 38017 Advisory Board, Apple Distinguished Educator Advisory Council, Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Advisory Council, Polar Bears International Advisory Board, Tennessee Distance Learning Association STAR Discovery Educator

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