Invitation to World Literature

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Arthur R. Smith

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WGBH Educational Foundation (at time of production)

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United States

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Secondary school and post-secondary teachers and related professional

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This session will provide a tour of the free online educational resource, Invitation to World Literature, produced by

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Invitation to World Literature is a 13-part multimedia series introducing drama, epic poetry, and novels from many times and cultures. Half-hour videos form the centerpiece of the project, and feature a mix of writers, scholars, artists, and performers with personal connections to world literature. The course was designed for students in their last year of secondary school or first year of post-secondary study, but can also be adapted for other audiences. The project, funded by Annenberg Media is freely available on

In this session, one of the executive producers of the project, Arthur R. Smith, will provide a brief tour of the resource, explain the goals of the course, including its part in an effort to embed a global perspective in introductory literature courses in North America, propose curricular ideas for using this course formally or informally, and finally share some production stories that might be of help to individuals educators who might be building similar media-based literature initiatives around different works.

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  • Co-Chair

    Hi Arthur,

    Thanks for your proposal; this course looks amazing. Is Vox Media a for profit group? You may want to include a colleague from Annenberg/ to present with you as typically for profits need to be sponsors of the conference.

    Let me know,

    Lucy Gray

    Conference Co-Chair 

    • Hi Lucy, thanks for your post.  My current company, Vox, is a for-profit, however the course was created by WGBH when I was an executive producer there, my previous job. Both WGBH and Annenberg/Learner, the course funder, are non-profits.  I put Vox down simply because that is my current employer, not because I'm representing Vox as a presenter. My reason for presenting is because I was co-EP for the course.

      I cleared this proposal with Annenberg before I posted it. I can ask if they would like to co-present, and/or I can remove my current business affiliation. Vox is not relevant to my presentation which is about the course and about Annenberg as a potential resource for supporting global education.

       Best,  Arthur

      • Co-Chair

        Got it! Why don't you just remove your affiliation from the proposal and/or just put WBGH. Once you've done this, let me know and I'll approve your proposal.

        • Hi, just did changed it to WGBH. Thanks.  (I need to make it clear that I don't work there any more, but did when the project was being created--will do in the slides.)

This reply was deleted.