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I'm at the Instructional Technology Strategies Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA, today (February 21, 2011) and one of my sessions is a three hour workshop on global collaboration. This is a last minute invitation for members to join us virtually and you might find this particularly useful if you are looking to spread the word about a project. We will have several people in the workshop who are looking to learn more and specifically, to find Skype partners for their classrooms.


To join in the fun, there are a couple of possibilities:


1) Join our backchannel at We will be discussing workshop activities here and it's a good way to meet the participants.


2) Join our group in the GEC ning. If you can't join us live, please post any project requests if you're looking for partners. Share resources, too!


3) Ping me on Skype or iChat if you'd like to say hello to the group. I can't promise that we'll be available to talk to everyone, but we'll try.  My Skype and AIM names are both elemenous.


Workshop materials are posted here:




Lucy Gray

GEC Founder

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    Thanks to everyone who joined the chat or Skype with us today! Silvia Tolisano, Louis Loeffler, Richard Spiegel, Janet Banhidi, and a fourth grade class from NJ pinged us to share their ideas and work. Keep the conversations going!
    • Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to share experiences and new ideas.  Anyone interested in learning more about language exchanges can find me on
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